YGS Landscapes, an established Plymouth-based company, have become the latest sponsor of the Building Plymouth Partnership and are looking forward to developing this great city.

Steve Warren-Brown, Managing Director of YGS, was raised in Plymouth and after attending an event and then actually meeting with Emma Hewitt, Skills Co-ordinator for Building Plymouth, was under no doubt that YGS needed to not only contribute to this project, but also to be part of the long-term vision and journey.

“I am passionate about Plymouth, its surroundings, its history…it really is a special place but its fair to say we haven’t always been particularly good at talking about our beautiful city. The fact that we are anticipating the need to create an extra 10,000 jobs throughout Plymouth and the area, within the next 10 years, demonstrates a huge swelling of confidence in the construction industry and shows that investors and businesses alike are realising the huge potential that Plymouth represents. Not to mention the Sherford development on the outskirts of Plymouth with over 5000 houses being built over 20 years. I have always believed we are a better place than we have perhaps told the world and now it’s all starting to happen.”

Landscaping is a huge factor with all these developments. It supports all projects, enhancing street scenes, creating better working environments and helps negate the impact that developments often cause.  To that end it is inevitable that the demand for landscaping is going to increase as well and Steve is determined to ensure that YGS can support the future workforce generation and facilitate opportunities for all.

Emma Hewitt, Building Plymouth Skills Co-ordinator said: “I am absolutely delighted that Steve and his team at YGS Landscapes have come on board as an official project sponsor for our ever growing partnership which aims to overcome the skills gaps and skills shortages facing local industry. Part of this issue is that many local people have limited understanding about the diversity of career opportunities across construction and the built environment sector, and as Steve rightly says, landscaping plays such an important part of this process. Through YGS getting involved in the strategic direction for Building Plymouth we can ensure that we improve this position and also create pathways for local people to join this exciting part of the sector.”

YGS have enjoyed significant growth over the past few years and are now investing in new equipment, machinery and most importantly staff to drive the industry forward. With apprentices in each department and 2 of the senior management team under the age of 27, YGS are looking to invest in the future of their company and the city. Investing in all things Plymouth, such as Plymouth Albion RFC and Building Plymouth, Steve and all at YGS are excited about what the future holds.

Steve had this to say about Emma and the Building Plymouth Project, “Emma and her team are relentless. They are driving this message home every day, even when she was a guest at Plymouth Albion she was off talking to new companies about getting their support, she really is the ideal lead for this role as her enthusiasm is over whelming, so well done Emma, keep up the good work. I, and all at YGS are absolutely delighted to be on board and I am very much looking forward to helping you, help Plymouth and the next generation.”