Our national award-winning green wall in Sherford, Plymouth, has recently become the interest of an undergraduate researcher from University of Plymouth.

Elek Cherulla – BSc Environmental Science at University of Plymouth – is conducting surveys of insect pollinator visitations and on populations of arachnids (spiders) on sections of the Sherford green wall.

This is a very exciting opportunity for YGS to understand more about the complex biodiversity of the green wall that we have created. As a landscaping specialist, it is incredibly beneficial for us to gain this knowledge of the impact of our work and our efforts towards creating greener futures.

Further to this, YGS Landscapes along with YGS Environmental Consultants are working on future projects to join up Plymouth’s green infrastructure and in fact create a ‘green necklace’ for the city. This encourages biodiversity to travel further across the city, which encourages a greener and healthier space, and ultimately contributes to combatting the climate emergency.

University of Plymouth student Elek is surveying the green wall in Sherford to understand the potential use made of the site by surrounding pollinators and specific plants which provide particular benefit. The data Elek is collecting will allow compilation of species lists for the green wall of these important target groups (insect/Hymenoptera, Diptera, Arachnid) for biodiversity. Dr Thomas Murphy is assisting in floral survey of site and identifying native and or naturalised plants which may be adding to Sherford’s living wall biodiversity.

The work is supported by the Low Carbon Devon project and Elek and Thomas be presenting results in the upcoming months.