Anyone who lives in Plympton or Plymstock and indeed most people who live in Plymouth will have heard of Sherford. After all, it’s not every day that a new town is built on your doorstep.

The scale of this development is huge, some 5500 houses, numerous schools, industrial and retail units all being built over a 15 to 20 year period. It really is one of the most exciting developments to hit Plymouth and the South Hams and we are delighted to have already been part of the journey.

In early 2014, we planted thousands of trees to create vast bat corridors. These are an essential part of the strategy to mitigate for the development’s impact on the bats and other wildlife.
We carried out another tranche of tree and whip planting in 2015, creating over 2km of further bat corridors.
We removed, transported and transplanted existing hedgerows, utilising this existing stock for immediate impact and least disturbance.

Then, mid-2016, the green light was given for developing the site entrance ready for its launch late 2016.

One of the biggest challenges was the development of the bund running between main street and the neighbouring quarry. This is approximately 350 m long and at its extreme is approximately 10m high.!!!
On top of the bund works, a quarter of a mile of stonewalling needed to be built, approximately 500m of fencing had to be erected, hundreds of trees, whips and hedging had to be planted, 200 m of stream reinforcement had to be installed and enough turf to cover half a rugby pitch had to be laid, all in readiness for the opening!

All of these works were achieved successfully and indeed further works were taken on and completed with equal aplomb. We are now looking forward to enjoying the fruits of our labours by maintaining these areas and working with the consortium to enhance the landscape and deliver the Sherford vision.

See our Sherford Case Study for “The Bund”